Graphics involves students in the development of a range of skills associated with the management of spatial problems and the graphical communication of spatial ideas and solutions.

Graphics is one of the technology subjects offered at junior cycle. When studying Graphics you will learn how to represent 3-D and 2-D objects on paper in addition to the use of C.A.D (computer aided design) programmes. You will develop problem solving and creative thinking skills through the solution of graphical problems.

Teachers names

  • Brian Duffy
  • Stephen Smyth
  • Ronan Donnellan

Subject Overview 

 Junior Cycle Graphics aims to:

 • develop the student’s creativity, spatial ability, and capacity to reason and communicate ideas through engagement with abstract and applied geometric problem-solving activities

• encourage the development of the cognitive and practical dexterity skills associated with graphical communication

• instil an appreciation of the role of graphics in the world around them

• equip all students to make judgements on the best mode through which to represent their ideas and solutions

• encourage the production of drawings that promotes the skills of communicating through graphics

• develop students cognitive and practical skills associated with modelling and graphical communication



 Career opportunities in your subject.

  • Product Design
  • Computer Games design
  • Architect
  • Engineering
  • Website design.



Leaving Cert Design and Communication Graphics

Design and Communication Graphics for the Leaving Certificate provides students with the opportunity to visualise and comprehend information which can then be presented graphically. It also allows the development of CAD (computer aided design) skills through the use of industry leading package, Solid Works.

Problem solving and creative thinking skills are developed through the analysis and solving of both 2 and 3-dimensional graphics. Graphics and design are communicated using  freehand sketching skills, traditional draughting equipment and CAD, (Solid Works)

There is a great emphasis in the Leaving Certificate course on comprehension, analysis and problem solving. In simple terms you must be able to understand what has to be done, analyse how you are going to approach it and then proceed to solve the problem.

DCG is a follow on subject from Junior Certificate Technical Graphics/Graphics.

Teachers' Names:

  • Brian Duffy
  • Stephen Smyth
  • Ronan Donnellan

Subject Overview:

It is assessed in the following two areas. 
    1. Student Assignment 40%
    2. Terminal Exam 60%.

The student assignment has 2 parts. Part A consists of a design investigation into a given artefact. Part B involves students graphically communicating a new concept design or modification to that existing artefact.


Click On this link for the DCG student Assignments 2023


 DCG 1


Career opportunites:

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Engineering
  • Product Design
  • Animation
  • Manufacturing/Production Technology
  • Computer Games design
  • Website design


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