As Ireland is an active member of the European Union a foreign language is much needed in the 21st century..  French is the chosen language here at Largy College, taught to Leaving Cert level.

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Subject Overview

The study of French enables students to build on their language learning and further develops their skills in and enjoyment of using languages. Language learning is accessible to all students and contributes to their cognitive, personal and social growth by enhancing their communicative and thinking skills, as well as their participation in a global society. Being able to communicate in the mother tongue and in foreign languages is also among the eight key competences for lifelong learning identified by the European Union and European Council.

When learning French students are actively engaged in activities and tasks which integrate the five language skills of listening, reading, spoken production, spoken interaction and writing.  As a result, they communicate with increasing independence, confidence and creativity. 

A fundamental feature of languages is that they give students access to new worlds and different ways of thinking.  The resulting development of socio-cultural knowledge and intercultural awareness also enhances students’ cognitive development while appreciating diversity.

Learning French also broadens students’ horizons and enables them to develop a lifelong learning skill for education, leisure and work, and to develop a positive attitude towards other languages and cultures. Modern technologies play a key role in making language learning and language use increasingly more accessible and enjoyable for learners, by facilitating access to information and communication with people at a global level.

Many studies attest to the benefits of learning French and students who have been exposed to language learning from an early age perform better than those who have not; displaying enhanced abilities in areas such as problem-solving, multi-tasking, creativity and pattern recognition.


French Breakfast 

Every year French Students in Largy College enjoy a French Breakfast. This allows students to get a taste of the French culture without even leaving the school.  

5th year students enjoying their French Breakfast 


Students Work

A selection of our first year French students singing the days of the week.

Two second year students made up their own French role play. Here we see a very hard-working waitress looking after a demanding customer. The girls came up with their idea, planned the dialogue, organised props and did a fantastic job!


Professions using French

  • Translator
  • Teacher
  • Civil Servant
  • Youtuber
  • Foreign Correspondant
  • International Sales Manager
  • Field Researcher
  • Customer Service
  • A Linguist in the Military
  • Children’s Book Writer
  • Air Traffic Assistant
  • Banking Correspondant
  • Tour Guide


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