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Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) - Agriculture, Horticulture module

Hort02As part the Leaving Certificate Applied programme at Largy College, students undertake the module of agriculture, horticulture as one their vocational specialisms.  agriculture, horticulture is an option module within the Vocational Education component of the Leaving Certificate Applied programme.  This module aims to familiarise students with the knowledge and basic skills which are necessary for the effective and productive use of natural resources.  The agriculture, horticulture module is practical with specific importance placed on the outside environment as a significant learning resource.  The module will enhance the social and personal progress of students through the use of a variety of teaching methodologies.  Students will acquire a range of skills linked to agricultural and horticultural processes.  It also gives students the opportunity to gain vital knowledge which will allow them to comprehend the purpose and function of the biological systems and develop an understanding for the nutritional needs of plant and animals.  The module allows scope to investigate various agriculture and horticulture industries which are part of the student’s local community.  Furthermore agriculture, horticulture gives learners the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that they learn about in theory classes outside of the classroom in the Largy College Polly tunnel.  Students who take this module will explore a variety of career and educational opportunities that they could pursue as a result of studying same.   

Course layout

Hort03As part of the two year Leaving Certificate Applied programme, students who undertake the agriculture, horticulture module have to complete four modules which each consist of a30 hour duration.  The course comprises of six modules, three related to agriculture and three linked to horticulture from which learners must choose four.  All modules have similar underlining themes of Environmental/Biological processes, Health and Safety, Pollution, and the use of non-chemical methods for pest/disease control.  Each module is a distinct entity from which students will gain a broad understanding of the area of study and develop skills which will be pertinent to all areas of their lives. 

Assessment and Certification in Agriculture, Horticulture

Module Completion

Agriculture, horticulture is one of the two vocational specialisms courses studied in the Leaving Certificate Applied programme at Largy College.  In order for students to complete the agriculture, horticulture course successfully and be awarded the relevant 8 credits, they must be present for 90% of all classes, attend outside of school related activities and complete the key assignments which are linked to each individual module.

Student task

Hort01Students must also complete a student task as part of the agriculture, horticulture module which is one of their Vocational Educational tasks. Students will be awarded 10 credits for successful completion of this task.  

External examination

At the end of the two year course learners will complete a final year written examination in agriculture, horticulture.

Career Options/Educational progression

Due to the fact that students study modules relating to both agriculture and horticulture there are many career options and further educational opportunities for students who complete the agriculture, horticulture module.  These include the chance to pursue a career in the area of gardening, gardening design, garden sales, garden tools maintenance, landscaping, floristry, fruit and vegetable harvesting, forestry and grass production and management or involvement in the milk and beef farming enterprises to name but a few.  Furthermore upon successful completion of the agriculture, horticulture module students have the opportunity to further their educational studies in any of the specific area relating to each of the modules undertaken.  Students also have the ability to undertake a career which will allow for educational attainment along the way with related agriculture and horticulture organisations such as Coillte or Teagasc.   

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