This year the second year 2 oriel C.S.P.E class hosted ‘The Great Largy Bake Off.’ The majority of second year students’ participated and had a great time doing so. A special thanks to the Home Ec. teachers who helped and allowed the use of the kitchen for this event. The competition consisted of four heats, with only two teams selected from each heat. These teams would then go on to compete in the semi-final and from there four teams were selected to go into the final plus one wildcard.

Round One

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For the first round the overall theme was chocolate and the contestants had free reign of what they wanted to bake according to the theme. Eight teams were selected: Ava & Deirdre, Amy Jo & Emma, Ornagh & Shannon, Katie & Aoibheann, Shauna & Emily, Muireann & Ella, Adrian & Ciaran and Harry Og & Enya.


semi final2

For the semi-final we had our technical round. The contestants had no idea what they were making so they could not prepare leaving them to rely on the instructions to make their desserts. It was revealed that they were to make macaroons, which not many contestants had made before. In this round, judges did not know who had baked each entry. From this judges chose 4 teams to go to the final.



For the final of the Great Largy Bake-Off, we had four pairs competing:

Deirdre Smith and Ava Martin,

Emily Dawes and Shauna McFadden,

Aoibheann McLoughlin and Katie McDonald,

Shannon Wiggins and Ornagh Smith

as well as our wildcard: Sophie Morgan and Deirbhíle Burns.

In this round, to get into the Christmas spirit, our teams made Christmas cakes. What our teams didn’t know was that we were picking the theme for there icing.

Deirdre and Ava got a ‘snow’ theme, Emily and Shauna got a ‘Christmas day’ theme, Aoibheann and Katie got a ‘Santa’s grotto’ theme, Ornagh and Shannon got an ‘anything Christmas related’ theme and Deirbhíle and Sophie got a ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme. The stakes were very high as there was a mixer and kettle on the line.

Our contestants worked very well under pressure, they made some outstanding cakes, as you will see in some of the pictures. The final of ‘The Great Largy Bake Off’ was filmed so that everyone can watch the disasters that unfolded in the kitchen during the final.

All the bakers did exceptionally well. We would like to congratulate the our runner up Aoibheann and Katie who made a Santa’s Grotto cake and our winners Sophie and Deirbhíle who made a winter wonderland cake. Our final was judged by Ms.Lynch, Mr.Curran, Ms.Magennis and Ceara Monaghan. The Bake off was hosted by Eimear McMahon.