Members of the Science Department

Mr. Seamus Roche

Mr. Shane Lynch

Ms. Colette Smith

Ms. Ellen McCarron

Ms. Paula McGonnell

Aims of Largy College Science Department

  • To develop the students’ skills through practical activities to;

-handle apparatus correctly and safely

-carry out instructions both verbal and written

-make accurate measurements and observations

-evaluate results and draw valid conclusions

-report accurately on procedures, results, observations and conclusions.

  • To enable students to acquire basic knowledge and understanding of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • To foster an interest and enjoyment in the study of Science.
  • To make students aware of the relevance and applications of science to their everyday lives.

Objectives of Largy College Science Department

Knowledge & Understanding

The students will acquire knowledge and understanding of facts and principles relating to science and their everyday applications.


The student will develop skills associated with the safe manipulation of apparatus and the observation, measurement and the accurate recording of data.


The student will develop an appreciation of the role of science in their everyday lives and also an awareness of health and safety.


Largy College’s Science Department has had successes in BT Young Scientist, Scifest and also had a student identified by the State Exams Commission as a top achiever in the subjects of Science & Maths in Junior Cert. There is also a Science week in school every year where students compete in quizzes and project competitions. Largy College enter the Irish Science Teachers Association Quiz every year. Recent trips organised by the Science Department include going to Armagh Planetarium and BT Young Scientist in the RDS. Students have entered ‘The story of your stuff Competition’ and also Saffron Travel Science Competition where students made a 3 minute video which looked at “What will be the most popular mode of transport in 2040 and how will it work?”. The students were shortlisted as one of the 10 finalists and judges commented that the standard of entry was very high. The students’ received a runners up prize of €200.  

Largy College is currently taking part in the Lego Mindstorm (STE). This is an initiative of Cavan Monaghan ETB, Monaghan County Council Peace Partnership and is being supported by the European Union’s Peace IV Programme managed by the Special European Union Programmes Body. It is based on robotics technology for real life problem solving. It allows users to create a physical construct using Lego bricks and then develop an IT code to control it. This encourages learners to engage in STEM through hands-on learning.The learning experience will centre around two key themes: Building Bridges and Removing Barriers. It fosters the development of engineering, programming and creative skills.  It also promotes teamwork and positive relations, as users work together on Lego Mindstorm projects.