Business Studies

Members of the Department
Mr. Shane Wixted

The photos above include:

Enterprise students on their annual trip to Tayto Business students run a fun inflatable tournament

Students organised an ice-bucket challenge for charity Students create and sell school hoodies

Students set up a Zorb football mini-company Business students design and sell school football jerseys

Business class run a cake sale for charity Second Year students design a bath bomb that also provides a tan!

Business Studies
The Business Studies course has been designed to prepare you for the real world. The dynamic and energetic world of Business Studies is brought to life in the classroom through a new modern course. Business Studies prioritises in engaging students to learn practical life skills. Every student will use these skills in their life. Business Students are fortunate in that they learn and put these skills into practice from an early age.
This subject opens the door to a huge variety of careers. This can range from management, finance, marketing, events management, corporate investment banking, law, insurance to even setting up your own business. Most careers today benefit from a good background knowledge of the business world.
Junior Cycle
Junior Cycle Students relish the opportunity to explore the business models and strategies of well-known companies such as McDonalds, Mercedes, famous football teams, Inglot, Cadbury and Apple.
Business Studies is now a very practical course where students work collaboratively on topics. A key feature is the project work that students regularly complete that form part of their Junior Cycle exam.
Over the course of three years, students will study three strands, all of which are connected, including;
Strand 1 – “Personal Finance” focuses on students making informed decisions to effectively and responsibly manage their financial resources.
Strand 2 – “Enterprise” encourages students to identify opportunities and develops an understanding of the financial, marketing and operational functions of an organisation.
Strand 3 – “Our Economy” enables students to understand the dynamic relationship between the local, national and international economic situation.
Activities that students are engaged in vary from:
• Preparing advertisements for different events to learn more about sales promotions.
• Taking part in arranging a visit in from local business people.
• Completing financial challenges such as researching and planning a family holiday.
• Setting up and running your own mini-company.

Senior Cycle

Students explore the dynamic Business course through examining a wide variety of current events from around the world. This can range from researching a company’s new advertising campaign to exploring the impact of emerging developments from the American President.
The topics to be covered include:
1. People in Business
2. Enterprise
3. Managing
4. Business in Action
5. Domestic Business Environment
6. International Business Environment

Choosing Business Studies in Largy College will be the first step in many a glittering business career. Don’t miss out and start on that career path today.