Drop Everything and Read

Given that so many of us are now spending so much more time in our homes, now is an excellent time to to take some time to enjoy reading for pleasure. We are therefore inviting the entire nation to take time out and to ‘Drop Everything and Read’ for 20 minutes at 12 noon on Friday April 24th 2020.

The simple idea is to promote the importance of literacy and to spread the joy of reading for pleasure by having as many people as possible read at the same time on the same day. Over 200,000 registered to participate last year and our aim is to have an even higher participation figure this year.

Work will be put down, computer screens will be turned off, and everyone will be encouraged to pick up a book, magazine, newspaper, e-book, audio book, etc. and to read quietly, or indeed be read to, for 20 minutes (or more!).