New Tutor System

The Largy College Tutor System facilitates a whole school approach to Wellbeing. The system has been organised as a ‘house system’ whereby each ‘house’ is comprised of a mix of 6th year students through to 1st year students. This structure encourages peersupport and role modelling for our younger students but it also fosters leadership skills and a sense of responsibility in our senior students.

Approximately two tutor classes are held per term. Each tutor group prepares a lesson that is rolled out to the whole school during tutor class. This develops teamwork, research, organisation and leadership skills in our students.

Tutor Class lessons are anchored in the area of Wellbeing. The topics covered in 2018/19 include: Promoting the Rights and Dignity of Refugees

  • Halloween Safety
  • Promoting the work of the charity Féileacáin
  • LGBT Rights marking Stand Up Week
  • Green Schools – Promoting Environmental Sustainability
  • Study Skills
  • Healthy Eating
  • Wellbeing through Music
  • Positive Mental Health Awareness